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Anchored in Place

This series, Anchored in Place, is a part of my larger artistic practice that explores our experiences in place and how these experiences can inform our understandings of self. This series examines how connections to place are formed, how memories shape these connections, and how some places are deeply intertwined with who we are. While relying on deeply personal memories, the series is also an attempt to understand my relationship to place and desire to depict, in my artistic practice, the land I inhabit as a primarily settler-Canadian and the tensions that come with this desire. Each canvas represents an ‘anchor point,’ or physical space in the landscape that sparks memories, pulling us back, connecting past and present. And while each piece reflects the felt nature of memories and the embodied experience of walking through the landscapes of one’s childhood, they also offer connection; like looking through another’s photo album, and recognizing in it, one’s own past.

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