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The Clematis Collective

The Clematis Collective is a group of women and female identifying multidisciplinary artists that have bonded through experiences struggling with mental health and a desire to carry on a more open and honest conversation.

Shown in the Marion Nicoll Gallery, Calgary & The Leighton Arts Center, Millarville

The Place I Am explores nature’s healing capabilities as a coping mechanism. As a group the Clematis Collective has bonded through our experiences struggling with mental health. We have found solace and connection in nature through shared - yet separate - experiences over the last two years. The exhibition investigates our understanding of the places we work and live in, and by extension, the idea of ‘home’, through nature. The Place I Am includes a variety of works, each an individual collective member’s response to our place; in ourselves and in our larger ecosystems.

The Place
I Am

Windows into Clematis: Uniting Through Art” is a collection of collaborative works that respond to Rotary Park and emphasize the importance of collaboration. Four galleries will showcase pieces that at least two members created, and two will showcase pieces that involved all collective members. The works address concepts of isolation, exploration of identity, the impact of our environment on mental health, and our connection to each other. A diverse range of artistic mediums, including painting, found objects, augmented reality and mixed media, are incorporated to explore these themes.

Shown in the Mini Galleries, Calgary. Photos courtesy of Natalie Melara.

Windows into Clematis

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